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Get paid quickly, easily and safely with a POS solution specifically designed for your healthcare organization. Improve communication between practice and patients, accept contactless payments, and replace outdated processes with digital automation.

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Our Payment Experts don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all credit card processing fee structure or point-of-sale system bundles. We offer fully-equipped management tools capable of handling the entirety of your day-to-day healthcare operation.

Your unique point of sale solution provides care now, pay later financing options, custom text messages with appointment reminders, payment and registration links, and seamless integration with your existing practice management system.

Plus, through our Rate Sekurity Guarantee™, your account is evaluated regularly to ensure that you’re always paying the lowest possible credit card processing rates.

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We’re a team of Payment Experts that supports healthcare practitioners by providing straightforward advice on payment equipment and rates. Sekure puts you in a unique position to take advantage of exclusive rates and other benefits only available through our partnerships.

As a primary care provider you need a customized point-of-sale solution adapted to your daily business.

Our Payment Experts can spot your current hidden fees, help with your POS hardware and software selection, and ensure you have a customized point-of-sale solution. We support you with loyalty programs, training, and guest data.

No matter the issue, our payment experts are right there to tackle even the most challenging problems.


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“If you work in a busy medical office, recurring billing is such a lifesaver. It also integrates perfectly with other practice management software.”


Our solutions integrate with the top brands in the industry to ensure the right fit. Even with turn-key solutions, our discounts save you time and money.

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Running your health and medical business efficiently means you’re always looking to save costs. Don’t worry about hidden fees, our Payment Experts can explain them all to you.

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