Sekure has the best reviews in the merchant processing industry

Thanks to our exceptional customer service, we have the best reviews compared to the leading banks, processors, and brokers in merchant processing. All our reviews are authentic, from verifiable third-party sites – not affiliates.

Diana S.

I’ve been with Sekure for a few years doing my credit card processing. They got me the best overall rate, even when I take into account all the itemized details. Their system has been 100% reliable for me, and they have a great payment processing website. They respond timely to phone and email inquiries with good quality responses. They take care of my PCI compliance as well. They cannot be beat. I’m 5-star happy.

Diana Schofield
Rockbridge Music

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Sekure Payment Experts 4 stars 4.75 Star Rating 4.25 Star Rating
FirstData 3 Star Rating Zero Star Rating 3.25 stars
Square 1 star 2.5 stars 2.25 stars
Stripe 1 Star Zero Star Rating 3.75 stars
Elavon 1 Star Zero Star Rating 4.75 Star Rating
WorldPay 1 Star Zero Star Rating 3.75 stars
PayPal 1 Star Zero Star Rating 2.5 stars
Wells Fargo 1 Star Rating Zero Star Rating 2 stars
fattmerchant 1 Star Zero Star Rating 4 Stars
Global payments 1 Star Zero Star Rating 2.5 stars
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We strive to be an ally to business owners by supporting them with payment processing expertise and exceptional service.

Sekure’s values:

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  • Caring

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