Save up to 100% on your credit card processing costs

How much did you spend on processing last year? Take control and put thousands back in your pocket with the Edge.

  • No credit card transaction fees
  • No PCI compliance fees
  • Free equipment and next day funding

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It was a bad experience with a competitor that brought me to Sekure Payment Experts. I’ve been very impressed with Sekure – their service has been outstanding – responsive, professional, thorough. Really a night and day difference.

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Say goodbye to processing fees

Complete the form below to request enrollment in the Edge program. A dedicated Payment Expert will promptly contact you within one business day.

Get your costs down and keep them down

Every dollar counts! Edge puts your money back into your business, where it belongs. Here’s how it works:

Inform customers

Step 1: Inform your customers

Use the provided signage to inform your customers that your business offers dual pricing!

Accept payments

Step 2: Accept payments

Your customers choose to pay by cash, or tap, swipe and dip as usual to complete their purchase by credit card.

Save money

Step 3: Save money

The POS device automatically calculates the right charge amount based on the method of payment.

Pocket incredible savings

The Edge is a more efficient way to process credit card transactions, giving you the power you need to protect your business from rising merchant processing rates.

By implementing the Edge, you keep more on your credit card transactions, curbing those expensive processing costs that dig into your bottom line every month.

When a customer makes a purchase for $100, how much do you keep?

  • If they pay with cash, you keep $100
  • If they pay by credit card, you lose 4% … keeping $96*
  • If they pay by credit card with the Edge, you keep $100 and the customer pays the difference!

*based on typical merchant processing fees of 1.5% – 4%

When your customer makes a $100 purchase, how much do you keep? If they pay with cash you keep $100 If they pay by debit card you keep $96 If you’re using the Edge you keep $100

Frequently asked question about Edge

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Give your business the Edge it needs

It couldn’t be easier – use your existing equipment or we’ll set you up with a Smart POS+ and cash drawer absolutely free – a value of $1595!

It’s time to rethink your credit card processing. What could you do with the money you’ll save?

Give your business the Edge it needs

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